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Learn More About Me and Rosie The Bear

Hi all , 
I would like to start by saying a huge thank you for everyone who has taken time out of their busy lives, to look through my website. I am so very excited about engaging you and your children's mind's in my world of art and (mess) crafts. 
I would like to tell you a bit about myself and how I became so passionate about art and the world of malleable play.  I have 14 years experience of working with children.
I started as a nursery assistant in 2001 and started my NVQ 3, I was based in a preschool!  We would have groups of 8 with a nursery nurse and take it in turns to play, in the different areas of learning.  I was always the nursery nurse who wanted to start my group in the art area.
We had a messy table with rice and pasta , shaving foam, water beads etc, with different colored water, dinosaurs, people, children pouring and filling.
Another table where we made something, which was topic or theme orientated.
The children wouldn't want to leave this area, it was very engaging.
I took my love of art where ever I went. I now enjoy doing art with my little girl who is three years old. A lot of people and parents I have worked with have shyed away from arts as it can be crazy and make a mess or that they are not very arty and don't know where to start. Children love to paint, stick,and cut, rip squeeze and grab.  Their little mind's focus and they go into their own little world of imagination. It's brilliant for them.
So I thought, I could do something, where your children can come along and enjoy my session of glitter, glue, painting and messy malleable play and not have to worry about cleaning it up or it messing up your homes but you can enjoy seeing your children's faces and listening to them as they explore the different textures and resources we have to offer.
Bonus for me is, I get to enjoy it too.

Every week we will sit down with Rosie the bear and talk about the new topic and what we will be learning in the session, we will then split off into groups and explore the Texture Tables. I will do the planned activity and support you with your little ones, by walking around with Rosie to see how you are getting on with your children on the other activities.

Have a look on Rosie's Facebook page to see pictures and  for news and events.  www.facebook.com\Teddies.Texture.Tables